Politeia Proposals  (Proposals Sync:   ago Votes Sync:   ago )

Politeia is Decred's blockchain-anchored proposal system used for Decred's operational initiatives that don't affect consensus.
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Title (Author) Vote Status Status Vote Count Votes Updated
Decred Open Source Research proposal 2 - research projects  (richard-red) Abandoned
Amendment to Decred Constitution - 001  (richard-red) Passed (99% approval) yes) 12110 (30% turnout)
Decentralize Treasury Spending  (moo31337) Passed (97% approval) yes) 9189 (23% turnout)
Bring decred to Africa (Ghana) Adoption program for merchants and businesses  (georgepro) Failed (5% approval) yes) 9336 (23% turnout)
Trust Wallet - Integration with Decred  (oregonisaac) Passed (67% approval) yes) 9314 (23% turnout)
RFP: Decred Decentralized Exchange Infrastructure  (jy-p) Passed (92% approval) yes) 15667 (39% turnout)
Decred Integration for IDAX Exchange  (acean) Failed (25% approval) yes) 9636 (23% turnout)
Decred ATM Integration - Approval for Planning Phase  (oregonisaac) Failed (53% approval) yes) 12747 (32% turnout)
Website for the Decred community  (karamble) Passed (72% approval) yes) 13676 (33% turnout)
Proposed Statement Of Work (SOW) For Decred Blockchain Wallet Tutorial Campaign  (dennilovejoy) Passed (80% approval) yes) 9818 (23% turnout)
2019 Marketing Plan Funding  (dustorf) Passed (83% approval) yes) 14787 (35% turnout)
2019 Events Funding  (dustorf) Passed (89% approval) yes) 14059 (33% turnout)
Smart Reach Partnership Proposal -- Jan 2019  (cryptosi) Abandoned
Baeond: The Futurepunk Autonomous Card Game  (burst) Failed (3% approval) yes) 11813 (29% turnout)
Stable coin - USDD  (limited) Abandoned
Add Decred support to Coffee Wallet  (francio) Abandoned
Decred Bug Bounty Proposal  (degeri) Passed (90% approval) yes) 12251 (30% turnout)
Testing of the funding-request mechanism by a non expert  (hashfunction8) Abandoned
Sweepstakes  (geraldoneto) Abandoned
Upgrade mining algorithm to ProgPoW  (engineerking) Abandoned